Final assignment for 8th Graders ONLY!

Do you remember when you first started at Curry? What did you have to know in order to feel like a successful IB student? Your mission is to create a product that can be used to help out a brand new Curry IB student. Give them the insider tips to everything IB. “The Insiders Guide to being a Successful IB Student @ Curry!”
1. Format (choose one): brochure, magazine, video clip, commercial, poster display, book, prezi, power point or essay. Get creative and have some fun!
2. Must include a hard copy if it is a digital/multimedia presentation.
3. Include a summary explaining your project (150 words max).
4. You are allowed to work in groups (maximum 6 people p/ group)!!!

Presentations will begin on the due date!

Projects will be showcased during the 6th grade orientations!
If you have any questions, let me know.

DUE ON MAY 24th!!!