Miami Marathon Volunteers

It’s so exciting to see that Curry will be participating in this year’s Miami Marathon!  We are volunteers for the FULL MARATHON and will be helping at WATER STATIONS S, T, and U!

If you are a volunteer, please read/download your corresponding manual.  The manual has extremely useful information (where to park, what to wear, food, times, etc).  The first page of each packet includes the roster of volunteers that corresponds to that Tent/Location.

Thank You Curry Cubs!!!

Water Station S   water-station-s

Water Station T   water-station-t

Water Station U   water-station-u

If you are a Curry Cub (student or parent) that will be running in the Miami Marathon, we wish you the best of luck!  May your hard work, training, and determination carry you safely to the finish line!  Go Cubs!



Parent Workshop

Parent Workshop at Lamar L. Curry Middle School

Thursday, January 26, 2017



Topic:                         How to help your child pay attention and focus

Presented by:          Mrs. Ortega & Dr. Matamala, School Counselors

Guest Speaker:       Nicole Schatz, Center for Children and Families at FIU

Get Your Yearbook :)


Don’t be left out. 

Yearbook sale has been extended!  

Bring $25 and buy your yearbook tomorrow.

It’s going to be hard cover this year—and students that order their yearbook will be part of a special “signing” party!