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“Open Minded”

As we kick off the school year, let’s remember to be OPEN MINDED and expect only GREAT THINGS!

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Mission Statement Poster Project


1.       Read the Mission/Vision Statements from M-DCPS, LLCMS, and the IBO.

M-DCPS Mission and Vision Link:

Curry’s Mission and Vision Link:

IBO Mission:

2.       Design a poster or create a collage to help highlight the central themes that are important to all 3 entities.

3.       Type a one-page journal entry explaining your OWN mission/vision for the 2019-2020 school year; include a picture or yourself.

4.       Return to your HR teacher by

Due Date


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Magazine Cover

Project Instructions

Design a magazine cover that highlights the qualities of someone that is known as an “Inquirer.”  *it can be a famous person

Must Include:

1.     The person’s name

2.     A picture

3.     A magazine title

4.     2 details/examples of the person being an “Inquirer.”  (highlights)

5.     On the back, attach a paragraph describing why you chose this person and the impact they made

 *This can be done using online templates

*Project must be typed

Due Date