2 thoughts on “Epcot Information

  1. Hi Mrs.Miranda,

    This is my first time hear about the trip, would you please send me cost information? Should I register for volunteer? I would like to go as chaperone with my son Abel Ojalvo (IB student).

    Thank you so much Lissette Ojalvo

    On Jan 19, 2017 3:05 PM, “Curry’s International Baccalaureate” wrote:

    > ibmiranda posted: “We are so excited and can’t wait to enjoy some Disney > magic! Click here to read all about our Trip -> epcot-information-2017 ” >

    • I’m so sorry to hear that you never received any information about Epcot! The 6th grade homeroom teachers started sharing the info back in October (with letters and flyers). It was also presented it in the auditorium when I covered community service and they took home a 2nd letter. It was also mentioned during morning and afternoon announcements (October-December). I was not the trip sponsor, it was Ms. Cardenas and Ms. Munecas that managed the list and collected the money. 😦 This will not be the only FT, so I hope you will definitely be a part of it next time!!!!!!!! ***AND, remind Abel to take home all documents to share!

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