Hispanic Heritage Project DUE September 20th

September Mini-Activity: Hispanic Heritage Project

HR Teachers will assign and collect this activity. It will also be posted on Edmodo.

Directions: Select a famous Hispanic. Research this person’s contribution to society and give us the following information in the form of a newsletter (no larger than a regular sheet of paper).

  1. Biography in the form of a timeline.
  2. An explanation (article style) explaining what this person contributed to society?
  3. Picture(s) of the person with captions.
  4. A paragraph that describes how this famous Hispanic is an example of an “Inquirer (Learner Profile).”
  5. A map/location image showing where this person came from.
  6. 3-5 additional images with captions to help further explain their contribution or reason for fame.



Final assignment for 8th Graders ONLY!

Do you remember when you first started at Curry? What did you have to know in order to feel like a successful IB student? Your mission is to create a product that can be used to help out a brand new Curry IB student. Give them the insider tips to everything IB. “The Insiders Guide to being a Successful IB Student @ Curry!”
1. Format (choose one): brochure, magazine, video clip, commercial, poster display, book, prezi, power point or essay. Get creative and have some fun!
2. Must include a hard copy if it is a digital/multimedia presentation.
3. Include a summary explaining your project (150 words max).
4. You are allowed to work in groups (maximum 6 people p/ group)!!!

Presentations will begin on the due date!

Projects will be showcased during the 6th grade orientations!
If you have any questions, let me know.

DUE ON MAY 24th!!!