Curry Competes…and WINS!

la foto 1school 025

school 024

Last Saturday was the Foreign Languages District Competition and our students did an amazing job!  They participated in French and Spanish Language Competitions.  Ms. Valdes was so excited!
The following students received awards:
First place in French:
Daniela Martinez
Renzo Pretto
Sophia Diez
Samantha Goclan
Shantalle Martinez
Jose Afonso
Second Place in French:
Estefany Marin
Paloma Peralta
Maria Duque
Spanish as a Foreign language:
Alexandra Menendez  3rd Place

And at the World Languages Competition Curry students won 3 first place awards and 4 second place awards! Ms. Figueras is really proud of her students.
First place winners: Adriana Rodriguez, Nicole Figueroa and Jonely Mejia.
Second place winners: Melissa Lorenzo, Camila Flores, Daniela Rodriguez and Maria Camas.



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