Curry Cubs Care!

Hello Curry Cubs!

Are you ready to “LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH like Larry!?!?! It’s our moment to share the Curry Spirit and raise funds for the American Cancer Society in honor of Mr. Larry Rodriguez.  
I want to guarantee that we can all find each other and enjoy this special day. Keep in mind that this event is open to the community and there will be raffles, prizes, games, music and food—which means that there will be a lot of people!   

Our tent number is 58–we will be hosting a bake sale. SO make sure to bring a small box of baked goodies that can be sold as part of our fundraiser!!!

Parking is now available at the hotel that is located west of the hospital.  I recommend you park in the hotel’s parking lot (its closer to the event). The hotel is vacant and is now part of the hospital’s property. If you choose to park on the east side of the hospital, shuttles will be available. 

I will arrive around 11 AM to set up the tent.  Students interested in receiving the maximum amount of community service hours should arrive a little before noon.  The opening of ceremonies begins at noon and the announcement of teams(for team laps) begins at around 4 PM.  
What should you bring???  Well, money in case you want to try some of the food at the event or would like to purchase water. Bring a beach chair (we are only provided 4 chairs at our tent) and please remember to help w/ the bake sale—you only need to bring one box of goodies. For example, one box w/ 12 cookies, or a box of cupcakes! This is our contribution/fundraiser.

AGAIN this is what you should bring:
1. Beach chair
2. Cash for raffles, food, and water.
3. One box of baked goods for our Curry Cubs fundraiser.

ADDRESS: 8900 North Kendall Drive (Baptist Hospital around the lake).
Event Time:  12-6PM

SEE YOU ALL Tomorrow!!!

I AM SOOOO EXCITED to Live, Love, and Laugh like Larry! 



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