Finalizing Community Service

Community Service Project Completion

 I have completed my Community Service Hours! 

What’s Next?

After completing your community and service activity, please take a moment to reflect on your experiences.  You must use font Times New Roman, size 12 and double space your reflections.

Include answers to the following questions:

  • From your experience, what did you learn about giving without expecting anything in return?
  • What do you now understand about the area in which you volunteered?
  • What did you learn about yourself in the process?
  • What connection does the service have to your academic work, career plans and values?
  • What interesting careers have you learned about through this project?


Do you have the following items ready???

Make sure you have the following documents in order to have a complete community service packet to submit before or on the deadline:

  1. Coversheet (available online)
  2. Original, approved Proposal(s)
  3. Community Service Log showing 10 or more hours.
  4. Proof of Participation (Photos, Letters, Vouchers, etc.)
  5. Reflection(s)
  6. Printed Rubric (available online)
  7. Note that ALL students are required to create a Project Board to Showcase their work!


Important Dates:

C/S HR Presentations –>April 9th – 17th

C/S Project Boards and Completed Packet –>Due April 9th

Night Event for ALL IB Students (Exhibition) –>April 22nd; 6:30-8PM
3rd Quarter Retrieval Window –>March 16th -April 3rd  (Even Classes; 2-4-6)

3rd Quarter Reflections Due to HR Teacher –>April 15th



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