Join the CURRY PTA

Please spread the word! 🙂
We need to help our PTA. HOW can WE help??? Become a member! OUR CURRY PTA does so much for our students, for instance, they help sponsor our student recognition events such as HONOR ROLL PARADES and AWARD CEREMONIES, they help our clubs compete, and help make student activities the best ever. This is a fundraiser for our PTA. Again…PLEASE HAVE YOUR FAMILY JOIN TODAY! SEE the PTA message below–and use the link to join: ‌

Hello, this message is from the Lamar Louise Curry Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.). We are calling all parents to partner with our PTA as we continue to support our students and teachers. Below is the link to our store hub to become a member. We need you more than ever to support our children and our school. As always, we want to thank you for your continuous commitment and your dedication to our school. ‌ ‌ Thank you, ‌ Angelica Alegria, PTA President ‌

Hola, este mensaje es de Lamar Louise Curry Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Estamos llamando a todos los padres a asociarse con nuestra PTA mientras continuamos apoyando a nuestros estudiantes y maestros. A continuación se muestra el enlace a nuestro centro de tiendas para convertirse en miembro. Los necesitamos más que nunca para apoyar a nuestros niños y nuestra escuela. Como siempre, queremos agradecerles su compromiso continuo y su dedicación a nuestra escuela. ‌ ‌ Gracias, ‌ Angelica Alegria, presidenta de la PTA

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